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Do You Hear the Actors Sing?

Monday August 14th - the first day of auditions, and the first day of telling people to be quiet. Very quiet. After auditions ended an hour early Monday, the streak continued, and despite starting late, we caught up to being on time, and then remained ahead of schedule, every single day. Thank thespis! Despite angst, a few tears, and some excessive jitters we all pulled through till today: Sunday, August 20th, the day the cast list was posted. In the end we came out with one of the largest casts ever at CVTC, with nearly 100 people auditioning. That’s a lot of names to remember! Not to mention our largest production team… even more names to remember.

Photo credit: Rylee Carlson

Make sure to check the cast list, online under “Production Team” and congratulate your fellow thespians, or if you’re a parent, your kids, and the kids your kids know, ya know? And if you auditioned, remember you’re a star, and that a star stretch is one of the best ways to calm down. Make sure to see us Monday at 6:00PM for our parent informational meeting!

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