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Castle View High School Theatre is the proud home of Thespian Troupe 7117, an active member troupe of the International Thespian Society, an international honor society that recognizes students and programs that pursue excellence in theatre. Our troupe strives to support artistic expression through performance, creative development of skills and ideas, philanthropy, and community engagement.



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What is a thespian?

A Thespian is a student of theatre. Not simply an actor or a technician but anyone who is passionately involved with theatre.  As a member of the Educational Theatre Association, an international organization which supports high school theatre students, our troupe serves as an honor society for theatre students. 

Board Officers 2018-2019



What we do...











And so much more...

Our theatre/thespian school year

Fall Semester - Act I

August       Thespian/Theatre Retreat

                   Dance/Singing Workshops

                   Fall Show Auditions/


September  Fall Show Rehearsals

                   DCPA One-Act Workshops

                   Careers in Theatre Field Trip

October     Fall Show Rehearsals

                   Trick or Treat Street

                   Fall Food Drive

                   Fall Thespian Inductions


November  Fall Show Performances

                  Thespian Showcase

December  Colorado State Thespian

                  Conference (ThesCon)

Spring Semester - Act II

January      Spring Show Auditions/


February     Spring Show Rehearsals

                   MAD Week Fundraiser

                   Professional Show Field Trip

March       Production Ensemble


                   UNC Theatre Day

April         Spring Show Performances

                   Feeder School Tour

May         VPA Revue

                  Thespian Inductions (formal)

                  Senior Showcase

                  Performing Arts Banquet

                  Bobby G Awards

Thespian Meetings

Thespian troupe meetings are held once every three weeks throughout the school year with addition called meetings as we get closer to ThesCon.

Who's who in Thespian Troupe 7117?

Thespian Board 2019/20


So how do I join?

Thespian Troupe 7117

proudly supports

the Colorado State Thespians and the International Thespian Society. 

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