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And so it begins...

Master of the House Dance Workshop

Do you hear the students sing? Singing the song of a musical coming to Castle View near you? Monday, August 7th we began our trilogy of Vocal and Dance workshops; seasoned actors, new freshmen, people in between, and even some elementary schoolers joined to prepare for auditions. On the technical front, Props & Costumes Crew have been working to reorganize the loft, which is looking better every day. Last Friday, all of the Crew Leads also gathered to discuss the start of our 11 Weeks to get this show on the road, of course, after a very long and confusing first day back from summer break. Victor Hugo once said, “To put everything in balance is good, to put everything in harmony is better.” We’re busy working to harmonize together as both a technical crew and theatre company, so that this production of Les Mis is the best Castle View Theatre Company has seen yet. Second place would be good too…


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