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Good-Bye Ghost Light

I bring ill news this evening. Today, on September 4, our first light bulb in our first ghost light had gone out. While people attending Labor Day tech were busy painting and constructing the set, the light was accidentally plugged in and we believe this caused the light bulb to go out never to shine again. But what’s the big deal anyway? A ghost light? What’s that? A ghost light is a theatrical tradition: both practical and superstitious. Practical because a ghost light is kept on in a theater so that one can always find their way in the dark. This usually prevents people from falling into the Orchestra Pit, which often is a fatal 15 foot drop; we don’t have one of those (sadly). Superstitious, in the fact that there is always light on the stage, for those who do not perform during the day, for the ghosts of the theater to perform. This way, they are kept happy and won’t condemn us to eternal line forgetting or something on those lines.

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