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Joining Castle View High School's Thespian Troupe 7117 could be one of the best groups you join during your time in high school.  In addition to being recognized for your participation in our theatre company, you become part of an elite group of technicians, designers, actors, singers, dancers, writers, and directors who  continually seek to learn and practice the craft of theatre.
By joining our school troupe, you will be able to given access to competitions, workshops, and performances in Denver and around Colorado.  You will also have access to scholarships and audition opportunities to continue studying theatre after high school.  If that isn't enough, you will be part of a tight knit family of theatre-lovers, like yourself, who enjoy spending time creating amazing theatre and having fun at bonding events.
Joining the Castle View Thespian Troupe has four basic requirements:
1.  Experience - at least one full show at Castle View High School (musical or play) plus acting or technical experience in an additional show, either at Castle View or another theatre (including middle school).
2.  A love of theatre - your participation in our school theatre program is not a one-and-done experience.  You enjoy theatre and want to continue participating in whatever way possible.
3.  A formal application - you will need to fill out the attached Induction Application, which will then be reviewed by the troupe director and/or student thespian board.  If you meet all of the qualifications, you will be invited to be formally inducted.  You will also be asked to submit an induction fee of $40, which will give you membership to the International Thespian Society.
4.  Participating in our induction ceremony - we have two induction ceremonies during the year, an informal one in the fall, before ThesCon, and a formal one in the spring.  In order to complete your induction, you need to complete the ceremony.


 Thespian Induction Process 

Step One - make sure you have enough points to be inducted:

Step Two - fill in a written, or electronic, application (Thespian Induction Worksheet):

Step Three - complete the induction payment* via cash, check, or My School Bucks.

* as we like to say with our theatre productions, please do not let the induction fee be the reason you don't join the thespians. Talk to the troupe director if payment is an issue.


 Lettering in Theatre at CV

Step One - make sure you have enough points to letter, check the chart below:

Step Two - fill in a written, or electronic, application (CVTC Lettering Application):

Becoming an Honor Thespian

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