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Lofty Goals, We’re On A Roll

Monday, August 21: The Cold Read. I had the luck to be able to listen to the actors sing through the music for the first time. They were phenomenal! Though, sadly, they didn’t really need me down there, so for most of the rest of the week I joined the techies (people who do technical theatre) in their technical endeavors. Painting, cutting, sewing, organizing, taping, and just about anything you can think of.

This week the loft, which is well-known for being a wonderfully angst-filled disorganized room, is now very clean: boxes filled with cloth organized by color, Kat has sorted costumes out the wazoo, the room is intensely spacious, and everything is falling into place. Build has done an amazing job, the set is coming along swimmingly, and lights is already getting their show on the road. Paint has done excellent work, and make up has made-up (?) some excellent bruises for practice. Not to mention actors have already done some tech hours! At the end of the week, I’ve grown 3 spreadsheets wiser and I was reminded by Build that math is everywhere, ready to trig(onometry) you up when you aren’t expecting it.

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