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Theatre Class Info


Theatre I & II - This course offers the opportunity for a variety of performance experiences, which may include the following: scene work, monologues, improvisation an pantomime. Major emphases of the class are on developing beginning acting skills and self esteem. It is required that students take Theatre I and Theatre II consecutively. 

Theatre III - Students enrolled in this course work on improving performance for the stage by working with the Theatre IVdirectors to create a collaborated series of one acts. This course emphasizes the development of a higher level of acting skills. .(Prerequisites: Theatre I & II)

Theatre IV Director - Students enrolled in this class gain experience as a director by going through the design, casting, and production of their very own one act with a cast of their peers in Theatre III. (Prerequisites: Theatre I & II, Theatre III)

Theatre Production Ensemble - This class has served a variety of purposes from producing one act plays, self-written works, and working beside the Douglas Public Library District's Page to Stage program providing kids with the drive to read through a performance of a well known story. Theatre students will gain practical skills needed for a career in the performing arts by applying themselves to real-world scenarios of professional theatre.

Technical Theatre 1 - This course offers students the opportunity to participate in phases of stagecraft activities. Course work may include the following: scenery construction, stage lighting, make-up, sound, publicity, design, theatre organization management and maintenance.

Technical Theatre 2 - This course offers the serious technical theatre student the opportunity to participate in the phases of technical theatre. Course work may include the following: advanced scene design, advanced lighting design, advanced sound design, stagecraft, publicity, make-up, costumes, theatre organization, and management. Students may be required to participate in after-school productions and assume crew responsibilities.

Broadway Dance 1 - This course is designed to teach the student who is new to dance the basics of a wide variety of stage movement utilized in performance situations. Ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance will be the focus of the semester. Students will be required to dress in clothing appropriate for movement and participate in warm-ups and are required to choreograph their own piece at the end of each unit. This is a performance based class.

Broadway Dance 2 - This course is designed for the intermediate level dance student to learn a variety of dance movements and choreographic techniques that are utilized in performance situations. Course work will include the following: study of choreographers and choreography from Broadway musicals, video reconstruction, improvisational techniques, jazz, tap, modern and ballet techniques. Students will be required to dress in clothing appropriate for movement and participate in warm-ups and the execution of dance steps given in each unit. There will be time expected out of class for dance concert rehearsals in the spring semester. This is a performance based class.

Advanced Dance - This class is for students who have a strong dance background. The dance units will include advance dance techniques in ballet, lyrical and jazz. Students will have the opportunity to study professional dance choreography and techniques, to choreograph their own dances and explore various dance careers available. This course also includes the study of dance kinesiology.

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