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Auditions & Sign-Ups


All the world's a stage - and you can be a performer in it...

Join us for the winter play MARVIN'S ROOM

Auditions for onstage roles in MARVIN'S ROOM will be held November 28-29 (3:10-4:30).  Call backs will take place Wednesday, November 30th at the same time.


Read the steps below to complete the application/audition process:

1.  Attend the audition information meeting the week before break to learn about the play and audition process.  Pick up a copy of the audition packet to use as a guide for auditions.


2.  Next, read the synopsis of the play and be familiar with the story as much as possible.  If you are unfamiliar with the story, there are many sources online that give you further information about the setting, plot, and characters.


3.  Choose 2-3 characters that you are most interested in auditioning for.  If you are unsure which to audition for, choose the size of role you are most comfortable with.  A copy of the script is linked below for you to preview.  It would be a great idea to read through the entire play to get a better idea of character.


4.  CVTC usually auditions with both monologs and readings from the script, also known as “sides.”  The monologs are provided with the audition packet; sides are given out at the audition.  There are several monolog choices from Marvin’s Room included with this packet.  Choose one monolog from a character you have interest in and prepare the monolog by memorizing and staging the piece.


5.  Fill in the online audition form and review this, along with your production agreement, with your parents to make sure conflicts are addressed and participation requirements are met.  Print out a copy of the production agreement, or pick up a copy from the callboard, and make sure that both you and your parents sign the agreement to be turned in before the first read-through of the play.


6.  Schedule an appointment for your audition by signing up online through the auditions page of the CVTC webpage.  Write down the date and time for your audition to make sure you will be on time.


7.  On the day of the audition, choose clothes that are comfortable but give a good first impression.  Be professional in your appearance.  Remember to get your hair out of your face, so we can see all of your excellent facial expressions.  Bring a copy of your resume and/or headshot to present to the SM at your audition.  If you do not have a resume, print out the blank form on the website (under Auditions/Forms) and fill it out to turn in.


8.  Arrive at your audition early and make sure you have all of your paperwork IN ADVANCE.  Remember, in making a good first impression, you need to look prepared.  You will be given a copy of the scenes that you will be asked to cold-read in your audition when you check in.  Please take the extra minutes you have before your audition to prepare those scenes.


9.  Once you are called in, make sure to listen carefully to the instructions given.  One of the most important qualities being evaluated is directability, how well you take directions and make improvements.  Watch the other readers to see scenes are being covered as well as corrections given to them by the director.


10.  When it is your turn to audition, step confidently up on stage.  You will be asked to slate (say your name, grade, character, and one bit of related information) before you start.   Present your prepared monolog and then wait to be instructed for the cold-read scenes.  You may be reading with a scene partner or a reader from the production staff.  When reading make sure to hold the script away from your face and project your voice to the last row of the auditorium.  As you read remember:


  • Look up – the director needs to see you face

  • Don’t rush!!!

  • Look at the first few words, look up, and say each line like you meant it

  • Make eye contact with your partner – communicate

  • Listen and react to your partner – ½ of acting is reacting to what your partner says

  • If you mess up the beginning, don’t worry.  Don’t apologize.  Don’t go back and correct yourself

  • If you are after several people who have read the same way, read the part differently – make a BOLD CHOICE.

  • If director asks you to do something different in interpretation, go for it.  The director is asking to see versatility

  • If director asks you to read a part you don’t want or like, do it anyway.  Shows your versatility.

  • Pronunciation – if you don’t know the word, hopefully you will see it before you read it and ask.  If not, just go for it – don’t stop in the middle of the reading.

  • Read differently for different characters – Opposites

  • Don’t just say lines.  Give them meaning!

  • Posture is important – stand up straight, walk tall

  • Control body – don’t sway or use extraneous movement

  • Several steps and a cross here and there, but no wandering around the stage

  • Open your body out to the audience – your feet should always be facing the audience

If you would like to be a part of this tremendous production, we encourage you to join the crew in one of many backstage areas:

Set Construction

Light Design

Costume Design & Construction

Props Design

Sound Design

Publicity & House

Special Effects

and more...

Click the link below to sign up to be part of the crew and we will find you a place. 











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