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(Chicago: High School edition)


All the world's a stage - and you can be a performer in it...

Join us for our fall musical


We will be auditioning for our 2019/20 all-school musical production - CHICAGO: HIGH SCHOOL EDITION - starting on August 12th & 13th with dance auditions on August 14th, and call backs on August 15 (if you receive a callback).  Use the following information to prepare and sign-up for your audition.


1.  Attend one (or more than one) of the vocal and dance workshops from August 7-9 to learn about the music and dance, as well as the audition process.  These workshops are optional, but are put in place to help you best prepare for the audition.


2.  Next, select a monolog from a play or your choosing and 32 measures from a song of your choice to practice and present at auditions.  The monolog should NOT be longer than one minute.  Try to pick a song that best showcases your voice.  If there is a specific character you are interested in, try to select material that shows us your character, style, and sound.  Please clearly mark the cuts in your music.  An accompanist will be provided on the day of your audition.  No a cappella songs will be allowed.


3.  Sign up for an audition time on August 12 or 13 using the audition link below.  The link below is active and will take you to to reserve a spot.  Make sure you take note of the time and place for your audition and write it down to make sure you remember.


4.  Mandatory dance auditions will take place for all auditions on August 14 (after school).  You will not need to sign-up for a specific time for these auditions, you will audition in groups.  Once you sign up for your acting/signing, you will be expected to come to the dance auditions on August 14. You may learn the combination at the vocal/dance workshops on August 7-9.


5.  Callback auditions will be assigned after the initial audition days to those actors and actresses we need to see again.  These are mandatory auditions for those that want a part in the play and are called.  Callbacks will be held August 15th from 3-7 p.m. and August 16th from 3-6:45 p.m.  All callback material will be reviewed at the workshops.


6.  Look ahead to the rehearsals and performances listed on the General Rehearsal Calendar included below.  Check your family and personal schedules to make sure you can be in attendance at all required rehearsals and performances.  Consistent attendance is a mandatory and important part of our process and must be a top priority if you want to be part of the show.


7.  Check back on the audition page of this website for updates on schedules, audition information, or casting to learn more about our process.  We want each one of your to find a place in our theatre and the more you know about what is going on, the better chance you have of finding that place.

If you have any questions, you may contact Rochelle Walter at  See you at auditions!

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